about us

A screen printing company

We are Sights Ink, a local screen printing and design and print shop serving the Central and North Central Illinois area. At Sights Ink, we believe in our quality service and the products we create. Beyond service, we believe there is something even more important. Our values. We are passionate about great designs and making sure your shirts feel just as good as they look. Our values show in everything we do.

Creativity meets comfort

When it comes to t-shirts and apparel, we believe that creativity and comfort go hand-in-hand. Everyone deserves to feel great. Some shirts look great, but they don’t fit right or the material is stiff and awkward. Sometimes, you find a shirt that feels amazing, but the design just doesn’t stand out. Why choose creativity over comfort? We want you to have both. We love creating shirts with unique designs and super soft materials exactly for this reason: because you should feel as good as you look.

Printing for the big and the small

Our business model allows us to print for all sizes of businesses and organizations, from school teams to corporations, we are here to meet your needs. As a small business, we are passionate about helping other small businesses get off the ground. From logo development to print and marketing materials, we are here to help brand your company or work together to meet your print and apparel needs in one location. Whatever the size of the project, we always stick to our quick turnaround time—as quick as one week in many cases, depending on the size of the order (if you have questions, drop us a message).

Custom built, locally made

In addition to a wide range of shirt styles and colors, our shop is also set up to print both plastisol and waterbased inks. We have the tools to make your perfect shirt. As Central Illinois natives, we pride ourselves on being a local business. Illinois is our home, and working with our community to create apparel that expresses who our clients are is our favorite part of the work we do. If you aren’t in our delivery area, we are also equipped to deliver shipments wherever you are located. We want to bring amazing designs and comfort to our clients, no matter where they are located.

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